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Virtual Office Services and Telephone Answering

What’s a virtual office?

With virtual office combined with a virtual local phone number one can establish a remote presence along with an impression of the full function office at selected location. This way all the phone calls can be picked at the place the calls are forwarded to,all the messages for missed calls will be send to subscriber’s email, and all conversations will be recorded if necessary.

Virtual office includes a bunch of functions hat will help you to accommodate the answering service you are actually operating.The features such as internal numbers,black/white list,and call waiting will let you send the call to the appropriate person,to limit unnecessary callers, and not make you callers wait long for an answer.

The person who calls you will be thinking that he is dealing with a real company in his country,although you may be thousands miles away sitting next to your home phone. That is an idea of virtual office that does not physically exist,but functions like a real business office and helps you to acquire new customers and new markets.

Virtual office will be described more detailed here. It is a feature that allows you to set up a lot of additional functions to your virtual number. Due to them you can organize the flow of the phone calls, deny access to the particular subscribers by making a black list of people from who you do not want to receive phone calls. You can also set up call recording to record all the phone calls you receive. You will be able to have a call history, voice mail and to transfer calls. Conference is one of the privileges of virtual office. Instead of opening real offices in a few countries you can open virtual offices without such spendings.

A Virtual Office or Phone Answering Service allows you to conduct business from almost any location whilst giving your company a professional image with a prestigious business address.

A Virtual Office will manage your phone answering, message handling and mail forwarding whilst you concentrate on growing your business.
A Virtual Office is a great low cost solution which allow you to have a professional business presence anywhere in the world.

Virtual offices are a combination of address services and off-site live communication. Virtual office solutions are created to reduce the cost of the many business – related processes such as international calls, and allows to improve company’s performance. The term “virtual offices” is often confused with “office business centers”, but in a real way those concepts have nothing to do with each other as second one means to bare expenses for real estate, while first one means virtual office solutions that does not require any additional investments.

How does virtual office services work?

What is really good about it – virtual office services suggest virtual office space where the whole standard set of the functions such as business center mailing address, telephone answering and call center is implemented. Therefore virtual office space can help to avoid hiring some extra stuff and paying rent at the same time.

Virtual office solution makes it possible to get very inexpensive call answering operators, set up the business mailing address. Beside this virtual office assistant replaces receptionist if needed and such a virtual office solution is also useful when you need to maintain an impression of your presence in the certain area and all you need to do for it is just to set up functions you need (as virtual office assistant and others) which will not just reduce expenses for international roaming but also provide call forwarding to the pre-selected number. Therefore virtual office solution will help you not to miss call even when the phone is busy or unavailable.

Incoming calls goes straight to virtual office phone, and with the help of this virtual office phone it is possible to set up forwarding calls in many different ways (forward if busy, forward if no answer etc) and at the same time seriously improve maintaining of your business – no calls missed,, everything is perfectly organized without involving too much effort and money. That is exactly what this innovation is good for.

The advantages of virtual offices are more obvious:

  • Virtual offices can be used by anyone.
  • Virtual offices are located in major cities(90 countries and 6500 cities)
  • Virtual Office solution doesn’t require a full-time office presence
  • Convenient management interface.
  • No risk of equipment obsolescence.
  • Your office doesn’t need to exist in one single physical location
  • It therefore allows businesses to carry out day-to-day requirements without any physical presence.

With’s virtual office you have the flexibility to pick and choose the services that you require.

The Virtual Office includes a whole range of services:

  • Virtual phone number of any country worldwide
  • Live Phone Answering and Forwarding available
  • Meeting Rooms & Conferencing Facilities
  • Professionally Trained Administrative Support Staff
  • Telephone Answering
  • Incoming calls answered in your own personal or company name
  • Personalised Call Answering – Transfer of your call to a nominated number
  • Fax to email –  faxes received electronically and emailed to you as a PDF file.
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Secretarial services & more.
  • Your Own dedicated local business number
  • Mail forwarding service to any address in the world.
  • Customised telephone answering service in your company name.
  • SMS and email forwarding.

Virtual office capabilities:

  • virtual phone number of any country worldwide
  • Fax to e-mail (virtual fax)
  • Get calls to hand line,mobile Telegram or SIP-device
  • Consequence forwarding
  • Call history
  • Answering machine
  • Call recording
  • Phone numbers black and white list
  • Voice mail
  • Transfer call
  • Conference

How to get your virtual office?

The cost of Virtual office is only 65$/month.

  1. After purchasing a virtual number in the country of your choice and the city in which you want to have a virtual office.
  2. Please, choose the services that you require for your office and send the request to: [email protected]
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Financial institutions Law offices Offshore companies Developing companies
Financial institutions Law offices Offshore companies Developing companies
Financial institutions Law offices Offshore companies Developing companies
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