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Belgium virtual number for receive SMS

City Local code Setup fee Monthly fee

VoIP Virtual phone number Belgium for calls

City Local code Setup fee Monthly fee
Brussels +32 (2) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Antwerp +32 (3) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Liege +32 (4) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Ghent +32 (9) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Hasselt +32 (11) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Leuven +32 (16) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Mobile +32 (46) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Brugge +32 (50) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Mons +32 (65) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Charleroi +32 (71) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
Hamur +32 (81) $50 $20 ➡️ Buy Now
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Virtual phone number Belgium for Toll Free

City Local code Setup fee Monthly fee
TollFree +32 (800) $35 $35 ➡️ Buy Now

Virtual Belgian Fax number

City Local code Setup fee Monthly fee
Brussells +32 (01) $50 $40 ➡️ Buy Now

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How to get a Belgium Virtual Phone Number:

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  2. Top up your balance on the cost of connecting the number and the amount of subscribers fees for 1 month;
  3. Choose the type of number (SMS, Voice, Toll Free, Fax, Disposable)

  4. Choose a country Belgium

  5. Choose a city or operator code (for example +32)

  6. Set up forwarding

  7. Check your details and complete the order

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FAQ ❔ Belgium Virtual SMS Numbers

Most numbers that do not require documents connect immediately (if not stated otherwise).

You can receive messages to your mailbox, to the phone number or to http.

No limits on incoming messages.

While purchasing a number, pay attention on it’s description. Number mentioned as SMS ONLY will not be able to receive calls. If the number offers to set both calls and SMS forwarding while purchasing, it means it can receive calls as well as messages.

Yes you can but not all SMS numbers provide such a service. Please choose a number that has a ‘for registration’ label or use disposable SMS service.





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