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Receive calls over the internet. Calls from purchased virtual numbers go to your real number, softphone, or telegram account. Those who call you will never know their call is forwarded.

Telnum gives you the opportunity to get a number in almost any country and city worldwide! Receive calls in any spot of the world!

Our service can be useful for you whether you are a traveler or a business owner. Your clients or just close people will reach you any time they want and won’t feel the disadvantage of an international call. After your number is connected, you can choose where to receive calls: to a landline or mobile number, telegram account, SIP, or just let it be forwarded to the voicemail. If you forward incoming calls to telegram or SIP, forwarding will be free of charge for most landline virtual numbers (if not stated otherwise). When you forward a call to a mobile or landline number, forwarding will be chargeable, however, we believe the quality of the actual call makes up for its price.

Number settings can be done manually from your personal account. You will receive access to your personal account after completing the registration process on our website. There you will also find calls history, IVR and voicemail settings, and top up statistics. In case you are afraid to miss the call you can always set sequential calls forwarding to SIP and phone number as well as set a voicemail and find voice files from clients in your mailbox.
Don’t forget to top-up to never lose any call or message!

Outgoing calls are also possible after the number connection. To call out using your virtual number you need to request a SIP account with the ability to make outbound calls as well as caller ID service.

❗️ Take note: outgoing calls are chargeable, per minute cost is not included in the payment for the number. Caller ID service can work only when your virtual number belongs to the same country as the calling numbers Virtual number will be shown correctly if there are no internal restrictions on calls with Caller ID in the country the client calls to. Tariffication of outgoing calls without caller ID goes per second, while with caller ID it goes per minute. If Caller ID service is not active, it is impossible to predict how exactly the virtual number will be displayed to callers.

Telnum provides you with SIP data for free after the number purchasing. Using our SIP data you will be able to register in any kind of softphone of your choice and can easily start making and receiving calls with purchased virtual numbers.

Buy DID Phone Number

Let’s take a look at the situations when virtual numbers can be useful.

  1. You are a keeper of small business and want to expand your client base or maybe you are making a product which will be more popular in another country. This is when virtual numbers are applied. With Telnum you’re getting a number from another county and receive all the calls to your end destination, so your clients can call you the same way as they call any common local number. They won’t pay any international rates and you will get a bunch of new clients because of that.
  2. Or you’re a traveller and want to stay in touch with your family and friends. So you’re buying a virtual number of the county where all your close people are located. And any time you travel to a different country you just change the forwarding number or keep the internet connection turned on and receive calls to SIP or telegram. Your family will simply keep dialing the same old number and reaching you wherever you are.
  3. Telnum is useful for big corporations as well, as they usually have many offices in lots of countries worldwide and want to be more loyal to their clients. After getting the virtual number in every needed country, the manager can set calls forwarding to the number of the main office so all the calls will come from different places to one. A local virtual number provides your clients with an easy way to contact support service, and that is the main step to taking care of customers.

Virtual local phone number advantages:

  • Make your business local presence in over 90 Countries and 6500 cities
  • Save on costs of international calls
  • No special equipment required
  • A convenient online interface of call managing
  • Instant Activation for most of numbers

How does virtual phone number work?

How to Buy a local phone number?

  • Sign up ⇢
  • Refill your balance ⇢
  • Purchase a virtual number of a needed country ⇢
  • Start receiving calls.

It’s really that simple.

❗️Please pay attention ❗️Some numbers require proof of identity and address of the end-user.
You can attach it in your personal account during the purchasing procedure or contact the live chat agent for more information.

Buy DID Phone Number

FAQ ❔ Virtual Numbers

Set calls forwarding to your real mobile number and receive calls from your virtual number even without internet connection.

You can set simultaneous calls forwarding on 2 or more directions for the most of local numbers.

Yes, you can, please contact us to [email protected] to get a full list of “beautiful” numbers.

It will look real for each person that will try to call it.

You surely can. All codes and countries are available for browsing and purchasing in the personal account after the registration.

No special equipment needed. Once you make a purchase you can receive incoming calls to SIP/telegram or even to your real phone number without internet connection.





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