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Multiple phone lines numbers: many calls, one number

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Multi-channel phone numbers or DID can seriously improve such business process as customer service or technical support, increase number of customers and sales as well. Main feature of Multi-channel phone numbers is an ability to accept many incoming calls at the same time. Modern DID includes also bunch of useful settings, for example – dial tone. Multi-channel phone numbers can be used by companies with big number of clients or by small call-centers, anyway it emphasizes the prestige of the company and it’s seriousness. DID also allows to save money as it is a single number that allows to expand the number of incoming phone line.

Multichannel Virtual Phone or “DID” can be a local number, that belongs to a certain city, or an international phone number. Multichannel Phone helps to avoid laying of cables for each line which is expensive and totally unpractical for businesses. As “did” enables companies to get many calls simultaneously – it is possible not to miss important calls and not to miss customers, which helps to increase companies performance.

After you buy virtual number (DID) – you will be able to use many different options like, call forwarding to the landline, mobile phone or Telegram. To buy a virtual number means to save really big money on outgoing international calls and even to earn them by providing better service.

Multichannel phone number has many advantages – it is simple to use and to set up, no expensive equipment required. With a multi-channel phone it is possible to divert calls to landline, mobile, SIP-phones and Telegram. Another great feature – flexible routing of calls and the voice menu. A multi-channel phone number enables you to receive faxes to your e-mail address. You can also use the function of the recording of the conversations with customers. “Black and white lists of subscribers” in your multi-channel phone help to decline unimportant calls and get calls just from the pre-selected numbers. Beside this there are another functions implemented such as control and monitoring and many others. Multichannel DDI number – is best way to improve business without big investments.

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Multi-channel virtual local phone numbers have been in demand as of late. The growing number of calling card companies and international call centers contribute to the popularity of multi-channel virtual local phone numbers in a big way. The importance of handling large number of phone calls at the same time without missing any of them -is the task that we are helping to resolve with multi-channel virtual local phone numbers. At we have multi-channel virtual local phone numbers for most of Europe, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia and they can be activated almost instantly. Each did number will let you handle up to 30 phone calls simultaneously and will be billed separately.The call forwarding destination for your did can be changed at any time using our web interface.Not to forget to mention,all the calls to this number can be forwarded at o cost to SIP device. Our virtual office services which we are providing along with it can turn your company to a multi functioning mechanism with very low overhead.

With added features such as internal numbers, complex calls forwarding, calls waiting, and calls recording few people can handle a high calls volume with no interruption. Thanks to the automated answering service which sends recorded messages to client’s email, no important calls would be missed. We can assist our clients in setting their services the way they needed, and we can find a solution for anybody regardless of their size and financial condition.

The advantages of Multichannel DID number :

  • Simple and convenient setting.
  • Diverting calls to fixed, mobile, sip-phones, and Telegram (SIP2TG).
  • Flexible routing of calls, depending on the number by dialing an extension number, company structure, region, time, etc.
  • The voice menu (IVR).
  • Receiving faxes from customers to e-mail address.
  • Record conversations.
  • “Black and white lists of subscribers.” Ability to take only the important calls.
  • A range of other functions of IP PBX, funds management, control and monitoring of business processes.

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