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At we are offering virtual numbers including multichannel ones (where is possible), toll free numbers, and virtual sms and fax numbers.Virtual pbx may help you to combine some of these services in one,although you will need a virtual local number most of the time. You can select where do you want your calls to be transferred. It could be absolutely free for you if you select SiP. In other cases , you can check your cost on our site in “forwarding cost”.

Additional Virtual Phone Services

At we are offering you all inclusive virtual phone services at $65 per month. Everyone promises that their services are the best and their price is the lowest. Try to beat our price of virtual PBX. It includes all possible telecommunication services which you can see at the table below., and it is cheaper to get the entire package than to pay for each service separately.Here is a great savings for you. Our virtual pbx box will let your office turn into professional business unit with complete phone answering and directing capabilities. This way you will be able even at times you are not there to capture all the phone calls and faxes.The best part about all of it-is its price 65$ a month and no need for secretary or any other personal. Do not wait and let us pass you the efficiency and savings of our virtual phone services.

* The full package of additional services costs only 65$/month.

* You can also order one or more of additional services separately

Virtual local numbers are still not as widely used as a mobile or landline phones.But recent trends in global economy are making people think about expansion of their business and moving to other countries in search for a cheaper life .The idea behind a virtual local number is purchasing a landline number in the country where you plan to receive a majority of phone calls and forwarding it to the place where you intending to stay most of the time.This would allow people who want to reach you the ability to call you at a local rate.Besides that,you will be able to choose where to redirect incoming calls. It could be VoiP, mobile number, or even a toll free number.

Customers can choose a complex forwarding, in cases when one of their lines was busy (let’s say Telegram), they would still get a call forwarded to a mobile number.If you wanted to add more capabilities to your virtual local number, you will have a choice of virtual local office at a price of $65 per a month.This would add such options as faxing,black and white list,multi-lines expansion,conferencing and many other.





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