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Adding a toll free 800 number to your business lets your customers call you without paying long distance. Once your potential clients see Free international number they will be more enthusiastic to contact you and to inquire about your business. When people see that you take carry of them while they are not your customers yet, they will understand that they deal with the serious company. Stop losing clients! Let them call you for free and anytime! Tool-free 800 numbers allow the potential clients to contact businesses. Toll-free 800 numbers are time tested and they have proven they are successful for business and for attracting new clients. Our web site offers you the following Toll-free numbers: 800 (Brazil), 80 (Great Britain), 1-800 (Canada), 888, 866, 800 and 855 for USA.

Toll free virtual phone numbers and virtual local phone numbers

Get a toll free phone number (800 numbers) service allows you to have your own toll free phone number from many countries around the world. Calls to your toll free number will be forwarded to any phone number you choose (hand line, home, mobile, Telegram, SIP phone) anywhere in the world.

When you sign up for the service, you will receive a unique toll free number assigned only for your personal account. You can have a toll free number from the USA, Canada or over 65 other countries. When your toll free number is dialed, the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number through our telecommunications network, wherever you are in the world!

A toll-free, Freecall, Freephone, 800 number, or 1-800 number is a special telephone number, in that the called party is charged the cost of the calls by the telephone carrier, instead of the calling party. A toll-free number is assigned from a special dialing prefix range (also known as area code) such as 0800 where all calls to those prefixes are free to the caller.

Telephone toll free numbers allows to your customers and business partners from all over the world to contact you without any problem. With toll free number you can improve performance of your company, increase sales and expand your business and it does not mean for you to invest big money. toll free number is also perfect solution for off-shoring as it enables you to establish your call center in any country in the world. Beside this, it gives you certain flexibility as with telephone toll free numbers you can change location of your office without changing the phone number that your customers got used to. And what is important – telephone toll free numbers are not just effective but also very inexpensive solution.

After you buy virtual number – you will be able to receive incoming calls and fax from any country. Customers can reach you without being charged for international roaming. Business toll free numbers (or 1800 numbers) emphasize stability and seriousness of your business. To buy virtual number means to get a custom solution and advanced features that meet the exact needs of your company. Business toll free numbers (1800 numbers) allow to set up call forwarding and many other functions to make your communication more effective.

Buy Toll Free Phone Number

What Is A Toll-Free Number And How Does It Work?

Get a toll-free numbers from and let your customers and your suppliers to contact you easily. You get a complete and flexible everywhere in the world for much less than you think.

Whether you are leading a call center that you plan to operate one or you simply need to telephone lines for your sales and marketing to ensure growth of your business, you find that free services offer considerable advantages.

The service toll-free numbers offers a full range of flexible solutions abroad and around the world. Toll-free numbers allow customers to reach you by phone or fax from any location.

The stability and performance of these services without charge is essential, since it means that users often use to place an order, get technical support, complete a transaction and answer an ad. In fact, reliable service is the most often cited criterion in selecting a service provider without charge.

Whatever service you need, working with you to create a custom solution without charge with advanced features that will meet all your needs.

Encourage more customers to order your products by adding a toll free numbers (800) on yourwebsite. Access your account online to add a toll free 1-800 or 1-888 or 1-877 … type and so you make it more accessible for people who wish to join. Incoming calls madeto this number are free for your audience

Available toll free numbers You Can Rely On. Purchase toll free number, Forward Your Calls to Any Phone, Anywhere, Instantly choose your country now :

Toll Free Forwarding 800 Number Virtual Numbers

* All incoming calls are not free! call forwarding to SIP and Telegram cost 0.1 $ / min

** For Russia toll free numbers call forwarding to SIP cost 0.2 $ / min , If call forwarding is set up to other phone numbers, 0,2$ per minute is added to the standard price in a certain country. E.g. call forwarding to a Russian mobile phone number will cost 0,36$/min (0,2$+0,16$). Per-minute charge. To connect a number, scanned identification documents of the final user are required. A number is connected within 5 business days.

**Take a note that calls receiving from other countries may not be guaranteed.

From time to time toll free numbers become available in other countries. Check the list of cities.

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