Contact Center vs Call Center: Which does my business need?

Every business thrives to become better, to evolve, to have a better service to its customers. However, with all the different privileges that are readily available due to the advancement of technology today; some companies find it difficult to decide which of these would most benefit their business. Almost all big corporations have invested in …

What is a Cloud PBX?

Telecommunication systems have various technical terms that for an average person,might seem to be overwhelming. But being aware of the different services they offer is imperative if you want to level up your business communication system. In this article, we will discuss various terms such as Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX definition, Virtual PBX definition among …

What Does PBX Stands For?

The world of telecommunication can be a tricky one sometimes, especially to those who are new in this kind of technology. However, with the emergence of innovative technology, it is imperative for those who run a business to know the different technical terms as well as the different features involved particularly when it comes to …

What is a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Number?

Nowadays, businesses should have constant communication with their customers and clients. It is a must since a business presence is imperative to build trust. And as a matter of fact, your business should no longer be tied to a single telephone area code within their physical location. And with the emergence of internet telephony. It …

The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual PBX

Businesses rely heavily on the telephone as a means of communication. Before, it is a serious challenge to set up a communication system since it is way too expensive. You have to buy office tables and chairs, as well as the necessary equipment for your telephone lines. As communication technology continues to evolve, it has …

Buy virtual number and pay with Perfect Money

Now you can buy a virtual phone number and pay for it with Perfect Money Payment method. To pay via perfect money you need to connect to you account and click Recharge balance, put the amount you need to pay and choose payment method PERFECT MONEY. Perfect money it’s a good solution to make online …

New SMS numbers available in 20 countries

Dear customers! We are glad to announce, that SMS numbers available in more then 20 counties now. We present you new list of the countries in which we can offer you Virtual SMS number. Armenia (374) Australia (61) Austria (43) Canada (1) Finland (358) Hong Kong (852) Hungary (36) Ireland (353) Israel (972) Lithuania (370) …

Exclusive: phone numbers in Philippines, UAE, India

Dear customers, We are pleased to announce an exclusive opportunity to connect virtual phone numbers of Philippines (+63), United Arab Emirates (+971-4) and India (+91). Term connection — 3–5 working days. Setup fee — $50. Monthly fee — $25 ($50 for Dubai). Each number can get additional channels. Numbers are available for purchase through the …





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