Virtual local office - virtual number with additional services

As many of our clients got a taste of virtual local number, they are starting to express an interest in more complex solutions. Virtual local office at a cost of $65 a month can give a bunch of additional features which are not a part of virtual number. Virtual office is indeed like a business office .It has fax receiving ability,complex redirection of the calls received,conference calls,conversations recording,unlimited number of internal numbers, and black and white list. There is no need to open a physical office any longer.Virtual office costs much less and provides  an impression of a real business when some one calls and gets  professionally greeted with prerecorded VOIR.
To be even more efficient,you can add multichannel numbers to handle the large calls volume. All the calls can be redirected from virtual office to skype,VoiP,landline, and mobile phones.
Do not miss an opportunity,and give your business a chance to be more productive and extended

The full package (virtual office services )cost 65$ per month

* you can choose one or more service among virtual office services and attach it to your virtual number

Conditional forwarding + recording IVR (1st time)      FREE
IVR recording again 5$  
Sophisticated IVR-tree (Set up + configuration)   15$ 
Conditional forwarding from 3 to 5 areas 10$  
Conditional forwarding from 6 directions and more 30$  
Call Recording 25$  
IVR extension dial with up to 5 numbers 10$  
IVR extension dial with more than 5 rooms  17$ 
Extension numbers up to 5 numbers 10$  
Extension numbers more than 5 rooms 20$  
Conference Call     15$ 
Diverting time 5$  
Waiting in line   10$

* To order a virtual office or one of this service you  need to buy a virtual number and contact us to activate the service

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