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Kazakhstan is one of the most dynamic places of the former Soviet Union. Rich with resources and developed industrial infrastructure,Kazakhstan attracts many investors from all over the world. Prior to going to Kazakhstan,many of them buy Kazakhstan virtual phone number to be accessible to local customers.Our company is one of the few who offers Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers and at a very good price.Proof of identity is usually required with purchase of Kazakhstan virtual phone number,but we can help to get virtual number even without it..You can redirect Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers to skype or sip with unlimited  forwarding minutes; or you can divert to local or mobile phone to be always accessible to your business partners.

Give us a call and give your buseness a chance to find new and very dynamic market.

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Buy UK virtual local phone did voip numbers

UK has been one of the most wanted places for business in Europe. The richest people from all over the world have purchased real estate in London. London along with New York and Tokyo is considered to be financial center of the world. To have a business in London or any other UK city is not only prestigious but also very profitable. If you wanted  just to try customers response to you product or services in UK with a very little cost associated with it- buy UK virtual phone number

Get United kingdom virtual phone number in UK

You will not have to pay high rent or hire personal. When you buy UK virtual phone number, it will take care of everything.You can transfer all the incoming calls to the place of your location,which would allow you to manage the entire business from wherever you were.You can add to UK virtual phone number a virtual sms number-to receive all kind of inquiries. These sms will be transferred to your email and will be easily accessible to you.
You can buy UK virtual phone number and virtual sms number for $7 a month from our company and have a business presence at one of the most prestigious city’s of the world.

Buy Online a UK virtual phone number to receive calls and text-SMS

Cost of UK Virtual phone numbers in UK without SMS :

Setup fee : $5
Monthly fee : $5

Cost of UK Virtual phone numbers in UK with SMS:

Setup fee : $10
Monthly fee : $7

* Free call forwarding to Skype/SIP
* Cheap international call rates (Low Cost International Calls)


Buy Nigerian Virtual local phone VoIP DID numbers in Nigeria

Nigerian virtual phone number in Nigeria - Lagos (+ 23)

You can buy Nigeria virtual phone number from telnum.net and have it forwarded to any destination, When you buy Nigeria virtual phone number with call forwarding to Landline, mobile, voicemail Skype or SIP (SIP trunk) your customers can call you anywhere you are.Buy Nigeria virtual phone number HERE
Availability of the Nigerian virtual local numbers is what differs us from the other providers.

Nigerian virtual local phone numbers (DID numbers)

Nigeria,as one of the most developed African countries, has a lot of business opportunities.There are many western companies have moved to Nigeria in search for a new market. English speaking population and long term relations with Great Britain maid Nigeria an attractive place for business in Africa. Nigerian virtual phone numbers  were in a rising demand as of late. Government monopoly and limited availability made Nigerian virtual numbers one of the most wanted in Africa. Our company continues to provide its own clients with Nigerian virtual numbers.It is doing it thank to the long-term connections with did’s dealers.Recently we have established a relationship with one of the local virtual local number dealers and can provide a continues supply of Nigerian virtual numbers. Despite a little pricey structure, the steady availability makes a difference..

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Cost of Virtual local numbers in Nigeria

Setup fee : $50
Monthly fee : $30

* Free call forwarding to Skype/SIP
* Cheap international call rates (Low Cost International Calls) Call Forwarding Charges.


Buy Spain Virtual local phone VoIP DID numbers in Spain

Buy Spain virtual phone number

Spain Virtual Local Phone numbers and Call forwarding

Spain is one of the most attractive places in Europe.There are thousands of tourists  visiting Barcelona and Madrid every day. You can find everything you need in Spain: famous museums,good restaurants, resorts, and shopping. The spaniards love their country and are very friendly. To open a business in Spain is quite challenging,because of the cost associated with it.

Spain VoIP DID Phone Numbers

You can buy Spain virtual phone number for marketing research to check customers response to your product. If it was successful,you could start your business over there. It is simple and not costly. When you buy Spain virtual phone number and redirect incoming calls to wherever you are,you can stay in control of your business and get whole Spain as your customer. You can add up Spain toll free virtual number and the results will be even better. People will not be paying for their calls, and you will capture all of their calls at you home place.
Do not wait and buy Spain virtual phone number from us.

Spain Telephone Code - +34

We have Spain virtual phone numbers in :
Spain virtual phone number in A Coruca (881)
Spain virtual phone number in Baleares (971)
Spain virtual phone number in Barcelona (931)
Spain virtual phone number in Cordoba (957)
Spain virtual phone number in Granada (958)
Spain virtual phone number in Guipuzcoa (943)
Spain virtual phone number in Madrid (911)
Spain virtual phone number in Madrid (914)
Spain virtual phone number in Madrid (917)
Spain virtual phone number in Murcia (968)
Spain virtual phone number in Valencia (961)
Spain virtual phone number in Valladolid (983)
Spain virtual phone number in Zaragoza (976)

Cost of Virtual local numbers in Spain

Setup fee : $25
Monthly fee : $20

* Free call forwarding to Skype/SIP
* Cheap international call rates (Low Cost International Calls) Call Forwarding Charges.

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Buy US virtual DID VoIP phone numbers in USA

Buy USA virtual phone number - DID VoIP numbers in USA

USA virtual phone Numbers make it easier for US customers, family or friends to reach you.

Your US customers will be able to call you at no cost to them, and their calls can be routed to any of your existing phone lines, like cell (mobile) phones, Home phones,office phones, or SKYPE/SIP or PBX systems.
With telnum.net's virtual phone serivces you can buy USA virtual phone number online from the site and have it forwarded to any phone in any country around the world.
You can be reachable to anyone, inmediately after buying, as long as you configure your settings through your telnum.net webpanel, therefore you will have full control of your USA virtual phone number and services, add credit, change destination number, contact live support, and more.
Get your calls forwarded to your home number, mobile number, office number, Skype account(SkypeIN), SIP, IP PBX.
telnum.net provides virtual local phone numbers in over 90 countries including local USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Spain, France, China...>>See available cities of US virtual numbers

Where you can buy virtual phone numbers in USA ?
USA Virtual phone numbers are available in:

Available USA Area Codes

+1 201 N New Jersey: Jersey City  Hackensack
+1 202 Washington  D.C.
+1 203 Connecticut: Fairfield County and New Haven County
+1 205 Central Alabama
+1 206 W Washington state: Seattle and Bainbridge Island
+1 207 Maine
+1 208 Idaho
+1 209 Cent. California: Stockton
+1 210 S Texas: San Antonio
+1 212 New York City  New York
+1 213 S California: Los Angeles
+1 214 Texas: Dallas Metro
+1 215 SE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
+1 216 Cleveland
+1 217 Cent. Illinois: Springfield
+1 218 N Minnesota: Duluth
+1 219 NW Indiana: Gary
+1 224 Northern NE Illinois: Evanston  Waukegan  Northbro
+1 225 Louisiana: Baton Rouge  New Roads  Donaldsonville
+1 228 S Mississippi
+1 229 SW Georgia: Albany
+1 231 W Michigan: Northwestern portion of lower Peninsula
+1 234 NE Ohio: Canton  Akron
+1 239 Florida
+1 240 W Maryland: Silver Spring  Frederick
+1 248 Michigan: Oakland County
+1 251 S Alabama: Mobile and coastal areas Jackson, Evergreen
+1 252 E North Carolina
+1 253 Washington: South Tier - Tacoma  Federal Way
+1 254 Central Texas
+1 256 E and N Alabama
+1 260 NE Indiana: Fort Wayne
+1 262 SE Wisconsin: counties of Kenosha  Ozaukee  Racine
+1 267 SE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
+1 269 SW Michigan: Kalamazoo  Saugatuck  Hastings  Battle Creek
+1 270 W Kentucky: Bowling Green  Paducah
+1 276 S and SW Virginia: Bristol  Stuart  Martinsville
+1 281 Texas: Houston Metro
+1 301 W Maryland: Silver Spring  Frederick  Camp Springs
+1 302 Delaware
+1 303 Central Colorado: Denver
+1 304 West Virginia
+1 305 SE Florida: Miami the Keys
+1 309 W Cent. Illinois: Peoria
+1 310 S California: Beverly Hills  West Hollywood  West
+1 312 Illinois: Chicago
+1 313 Michigan: Detroit and suburbs
+1 314 SE Missouri: St Louis city and parts of the metro
+1 315 N Cent. New York: Syracuse
+1 316 S Kansas: Wichita
+1 317 Cent. Indiana: Indianapolis
+1 318 N Louisiana: Shreveport  Ruston  Monroe  Alexandria
+1 319 E Iowa: Cedar Rapids
+1 321 Florida: Brevard County  Cape Canaveral area Metro
+1 323 S California: Los Angeles
+1 325 Central Texas: Abilene  Sweetwater  Snyder  San Angelo
+1 330 NE Ohio: Akron  Canton  Youngstown Mahoning County
+1 334 S Alabama: Auburn/Opelika Montgomery and coastal
+1 336 Cent. North Carolina: Greensboro
+1 339 Massachusetts: Boston surburbs  to the south and west
+1 347 New York xcept Manhattan
+1 352 Florida: Gainesville area  Ocala  Crystal River
+1 360 W Washington State: Olympia  Bellingham
+1 361 S Texas: Corpus Christi
+1 386 N central Florida: Lake City
+1 401 Rhode Island
+1 402 E Nebraska: Omaha  Lincoln
+1 404 N Georgia: Atlanta and suburbs
+1 405 W Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
+1 407 Central Florida: Metro Orlando
+1 408 Cent. Coastal California: San Jose
+1 409 SE Texas: Galveston  Port Arthur
+1 410 E Maryland: Baltimore  Annapolis  Chesapeake Bay area
+1 412 W Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh
+1 413 W Massachusetts: Springfield
+1 414 SE Wisconsin: Milwaukee County
+1 415 California: San Francisco County and Marin County
+1 417 SW Missouri: Springfield
+1 419 NW Ohio: Toledo
+1 423 E Tennessee: Chattanooga Bristol Johnson City  Kingsport
+1 424 S California: Los Angeles
+1 425 Washington: North Tier - Everett  Bellevue
+1 432 W Texas: Big Spring  Midland  Odessa
+1 434 E Virginia: Charlottesville  Lynchburg  Danville
+1 435 Rural Utah outside Salt Lake City metro
+1 440 Ohio: Cleveland metro area  excluding Cleveland
+1 443 E Maryland: Baltimore  Annapolis  Chesapeake Bay
+1 469 Texas: Dallas Metro
+1 478 Central Georgia: Macon
+1 480 Arizona: East Phoenix
+1 484 SE Pennsylvania: Allentown  Bethlehem  Reading
+1 501 Central Arkansas: Little Rock Hot Srpings  Conway
+1 502 N Central Kentucky: Louisville
+1 503 Oregon
+1 504 E Louisiana: New Orleans metro area
+1 505 New Mexico
+1 507 S Minnesota: Rochester
+1 508 Cent. Massachusetts: Framingham Cape Cod
+1 509 E Washington state: Spokane
+1 510 California: Oakland  East Bay
+1 512 S Texas: Austin
+1 513 SW Ohio: Cincinnati
+1 515 Cent. Iowa: Des Moines
+1 516 New York: Nassau County  Long Island Hempstead
+1 517 Cent. Michigan: Lansing
+1 518 NE New York: Albany
+1 520 SE Arizona: Flagstaff  Tucson area
+1 530 NE California: Eldorado County  excluding Eldorado
+1 540 Northern Virginia: Shenandoah and Roanoke valleys
+1 541 Oregon: Eugene  Medford
+1 551 N New Jersey: Jersey City  Hackensack
+1 559 Central California: Fresno
+1 561 S. Central Florida: Palm Beach County
+1 562 California: Long Beach
+1 563 E Iowa: Davenport  Dubuque
+1 567 Ohio
+1 570 NE and N Central Pennsylvania: Wilkes-Barre  Scranton
+1 571 Northern Virginia: Arlington  McLean  Tysons Corne
+1 573 SE Missouri: excluding St Louis metro area
+1 574 N Indiana
+1 580 W Oklahoma
+1 585 NW New York: Rochester
+1 586 Michigan: Macomb County
+1 601 Mississippi: Meridian  Jackson area
+1 602 Arizona: Phoenix
+1 603 New Hampshire
+1 605 South Dakota
+1 607 S Cent. New York: Ithaca Binghamton Catskills
+1 608 SW Wisconsin: Madison
+1 609 S New Jersey: Trenton
+1 610 SE Pennsylvania: Allentown  Bethlehem  Reading
+1 612 Cent. Minnesota: Minneapolis
+1 614 SE Ohio: Columbus
+1 615 E Tennessee: Nashville metro area
+1 616 W Michigan: Holland  Grand Haven Greenville
+1 617 Massachusetts: greater Boston
+1 618 S Illinois: Centralia
+1 619 S California: San Diego
+1 620 S Kansas: Wichita
+1 623 Arizona: West Phoenix
+1 626 E S California: Pasadena
+1 630 W NE Illinois  western suburbs of Chicago
+1 631 New York: Suffolk County  Long Island  Huntington
+1 636 Missouri: W St. Louis metro area of St. Louis county
+1 641 Iowa: Mason City  Marshalltown Creston Ottumwa
+1 646 New York (NYC): Manhattan only
+1 650 California: Peninsula south of San Francisco
+1 651 Cent. Minnesota: St. Paul
+1 661 California: N Los Angeles Mckittrick Mojave
+1 662 N Mississippi: Tupelo  Grenada
+1 678 N Georgia: metropolitan Atlanta
+1 682 Texas: Fort Worth areas
+1 701 North Dakota
+1 702 Nevada: Clark County  incl. Las Vegas
+1 703 Northern Virginia: Arlington McLean Tysons Corne
+1 704 W North Carolina: Charlotte
+1 706 N Georgia: Columbus  Augusta
+1 707 NW California: Santa Rosa Napa Vallejo American
+1 708 Illinois: south suburbs of Chicago
+1 712 W Iowa: Council Bluffs
+1 713 Texas
+1 714 North and Central Orange County
+1 716 NW New York: Buffalo
+1 717 E Pennsylvania: Harrisburg
+1 718 New York City Metro Area  New York
+1 719 SE Colorado: Pueblo  Colorado Springs
+1 720 Central Colorado: Denver
+1 724 SW Pennsylvania
+1 727 Florida Tampa Metro: Saint Petersburg  Clearwater
+1 731 W Tennessee: outside Memphis metro area
+1 732 Cent. New Jersey: Toms River New Brunswick Bound
+1 734 SE Michigan: west and south of Detroit
+1 740 SE Ohio
+1 757 E Virginia: Tidewater / Hampton Roads area
+1 760 California: San Diego North County to Sierra Nevada
+1 763 Minnesota: Minneapolis metro area
+1 765 Indiana: outside Indianapolis
+1 770 Georgia: Atlanta suburbs
+1 772 S. Central Florida: St. Lucie  Martin  and Indiana
+1 773 Illinois: city of Chicago  outside the loop
+1 774 Cent. Massachusetts: Framingham  Cape Cod
+1 775 Nevada: Reno
+1 781 Massachusetts: Boston surburbs  to the north and west
+1 785 N & W Kansas: Topeka
+1 786 SE Florida  Monroe County
+1 787 Puerto Rico
+1 800 Toll Free
+1 801 Utah: Salt Lake City Metro
+1 803 South Carolina: Colombia  Aiken  Sumter
+1 804 E Virginia: Richmond
+1 805 S Cent. and Cent. Coastal California: Ventura County
+1 806 Panhandle Texas: Amarillo  Lubbock
+1 810 E Michigan: Flint  Pontiac
+1 812 S Indiana: Evansville
+1 813 SW Florida: Tampa Metro
+1 814 Cent. Pennsylvania: Erie
+1 815 NW Illinois: Rockford  Kankakee
+1 816 N Missouri: Kansas City
+1 817 N Cent. Texas: Fort Worth area
+1 818 S California: Los Angeles: San Fernando Valley
+1 819 NW Quebec: Trois Rivieres
+1 828 W North Carolina: Asheville
+1 831 California: central coast area
+1 832 Texas: Houston
+1 843 South Carolina  coastal area: Charleston  Beaufort
+1 845 New York: Poughkeepsie Nyack Nanuet, etc.
+1 847 Northern NE Illinois: northwestern suburbs of Chic
+1 850 Florida Panhandle  East of Tallahassee to Pensacol
+1 856 SW New Jersey: greater Camden area  Mt Laurel
+1 857 Massachusetts: greater Boston
+1 858 S California: San Diego
+1 859 N and Central Kentucky: Lexington suburban KY county
+1 860 Connecticut: areas outside of Fairfield and New Haven
+1 863 Florida: Polk County
+1 864 South Carolina  upstate area: Greenville  Spartanburg
+1 865 E Tennessee: Knoxville  Knox and adjacent counties
+1 866 Toll Free
+1 877 US 48 Toll Free
+1 888 Toll Free
+1 901 W Tennessee: Memphis metro area
+1 903 NE Texas: Tyler
+1 904 N Florida: Jacksonville
+1 908 Cent. New Jersey: Elizabeth Basking Ridge Somerville
+1 909 California: Inland empire: San Bernardino
+1 910 S Cent. North Carolina: Fayetteville  Wilmington
+1 913 Kansas: Kansas City area
+1 914 S New York: Westchester County
+1 915 W Texas: El Paso
+1 916 NE California: Sacramento  Walnut Grove  Lincoln
+1 919 E North Carolina: Raleigh
+1 920 NE Wisconsin: Appleton Green Bay Sheboygan
+1 925 California: Contra Costa area: Antioch Concord
+1 928 Central and Northern Arizona: Prescott  Flagstaff
+1 931 Central Tennessee: semi-circular ring around Nashville
+1 936 SE Texas: Conroe Lufkin Nacogdoches Crockett
+1 937 SW Ohio: Dayton
+1 940 N Cent. Texas: Denton  Wichita Falls
+1 941 SW Florida: Sarasota and Manatee counties
+1 949 California: S Coastal Orange County
+1 951 California: W Riverside County
+1 952 Minnesota: Minneapolis metro area  Bloomington
+1 954 Florida: Broward County area  incl Ft. Lauderdale
+1 956 Texas: Valley of Texas area  Harlingen Laredo
+1 970 N and W Colorado
+1 971 Oregon: Metropolitan Portland  Salem/Keizer area
+1 972 Texas: Dallas Metro
+1 973 N New Jersey: Newark Paterson Morristown
+1 978 Massachusetts: north of Boston to NH
+1 979 SE Texas: Galveston  Port Arthur  Bryan  College S
+1 985 E Louisiana: SE/N shore of Lake Pontchartrain: Ham
+1 989 Upper central Michigan: Mt Pleasant  Saginaw

How you can buy virtual phone numbers in USA ?
1-Choose country=United States
2-Choose City (area code) in usa
3-Select your new number
4-Choose call forwarding type (phone/Skype) *if you want to forward calls to SIP/IP PBX just send email after buying number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5-Put your phone number or your skype account
6-click continue and shoose payment method
7-Pay online and you can immediately use your virtual number directly from your online account

Payment Options for Virtual Numbers in USA
Accepted Payment Methods : visa, master card, paypal, Liberty reserve, wire transfert(UK and France)...

if you have a problem with online payment please contact us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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