Cheap Virtual Phone Numbers Prices

How Much do Virtual phone numbers Cost?

Here you can find out the coast of your virtual local phone number. You can also find out about the call forwarding fees to landline phone or mobile phone. Call forwarding to Skype or IP telephone is FREE! provides virtual local phone numbers in over 90 countries including local USA, UK, France, Israel, China, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Negeria, Canada virtual lines...

Do not forget that the coast consists of:

  • set up fee
  • monthly fee
  • call forwarding fee (free to Skype and SIP)

You can find here where your money goes.

Set up fee is a payment for setting up the number. You are paying for the technical process of setting up. It is payed once.
Monthly fee is payed for renting the number and for using it. Also you are paying for high quality services and for the live online technical support 24/7.
Call forwarding fee is a payment that is made for call forwarding from virtual local number to landline and mobile numbers. Call forwarding to Skype or IP phone is free. To check the prices please select the country from the list where calls are to be redirected. offers VoIP phone services :

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