Virtual SIM
Virtual sim is a service where you can turn your own sim card into the virtual solution for calls.

How virtual sim card works in few words

  • Basically you get specific modem for your sim card and insert your sim into it.
  • Then you install our app and can travel around the world but without your sim at all, in this time your sim card will be in your home country and it will be connected to computer and transfer calls to your mobile with our app.
  • It is sounds a little bit complicated but on work proved to be easy and pretty much understandable from the first try.

How to setup the Virtual SIM service?

How to set up virtual sim

To setup the Virtual SIM service online, you need to activate it in Freeje mobile app. After that, the letter with activation instructions will be sent to your e-mail. Follow them to properly complete the activation. Take a note: check the service requirements before the starting procedure.

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