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Cheap VoIP Calls with SIP

VoIP cheap international phone calls are very useful for international business. Telephony is the first step to be in a several places at a time. That is also cheap and convenient option for being in touch with your friends and relatives who live abroad. Stay connected. Be reachable. Why not use for cheap VoIP international phone calls? It is easy cheap and pleasant.

Everybody knows as one of the greatest did number provider. The company has a lot of international clients all over the world. Every client is satisfied with the services provided. We care about your time and money so we do everything possible to save both. VoIP international phone calls is the first step to become international. Telnum provides virtual numbers not only for receiving phone calls, as other virtual number providers do, but also for making outgoing VoIP phone calls.

Every customer can activate SIP account provided with virtual number. It can be used as destination number with free call forwarding to it. It can also be used for making outgoing phone calls all over the world.

How to make cheap VOIP Calls?

1. Without having a virtual phone number from

Once you sign up and recharging your balance with 20 USD you can get a SIP account from by sending a mail to [email protected] with request to activate your SIP account.

2. With having a virtual phone number from

Once you buy a virtual phone number you can activate your SIP account by email request ( [email protected]). Download any software for free e.g. Zoiper or Xlite and enjoy using IP telephony with Telnum. Your balance should be no lower than 20 USD.

Cheap VoIP calls are available with Telnum not only incoming but outgoing also. For about 0.1$ per minute you can make outgoing phone calls with your virtual number. It is very competitive price in comparison with other international telephony services providers.

IP telephony is widely used in world business to reduce spendings on international telephony. No doubt that it is much cheaper than standard international telephony. Downloading softphone for free you will have an opportunity to make outgoing calls all over the world. Xlite and Zoiper, the most often used softphones, you can download here They are most widely used in the world. There are special equipment for IP telephony but you do not need it once you have softphone on your computer or smartphone. It is easy to use and you can even make calls with Caller ID to make your virtual local number visible at called party’s telephone. In that way you can make an impression of being in another country. Many prestige big companies use it for business and lifetime.

Please note:
1. Outgoing calls are chargeable, their cost is not included in the total rent of a virtual number. Calls are charged per second (without the definition of a rented number) or per minute (with the definition of a rented number).
2. Outgoing calls activation is an additional service, which is not technically tied to the virtual number, not activated by default, and can be activated by personal request to the official e-mail address.
3. Virtual number definition (Caller ID service) is possible, but not guaranteed. To get detailed information about how caller ID works please contact live support.

You can also get free voice greeting to your virtual number. You can set up voicemail and conditional redirection. No calls will be missed with our services. Our technical support representatives will assist you on every step of buying a number and activating SIP account. Feel free to ask any questions concerning VoIP international phone calls via email, Telegram, chat online or phone. The list of the services and detailed prices for VoIP phone calls you can find on the site.

Telnum is the right company if you’ve decided to buy a virtual number. We have a lot of clients all around the world who are satisfied with the services provided. Stay connected with

x lite internet sip voip calls

Download X-Lite 5 – the leading free SIP based softphone.

Download X-Lite 5 for Windows
Download X-Lite 5 for Mac

zoiper voip sip internet calls

Download Zoiper Free – the leading free SIP based softphone.

Download Zoiper Free for Windows
Download Zoiper Free for Mac, Linux

cheap sip voip internet phone calls Our online Soft phone to make cheap calls without SIP account – Just Sign up, recharge your balance and make cheap internet calls and Call-back.

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