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Terms & Conditions

This document “Terms of Service(TOS)”, is an agreemen between Telnum.net, a U.K.based corporation and the customer identified in Telnum.net account records as the person responsible for payments of all charges.
The company is a provider of international telecommunications services. This document provides an in-depth description of our limits.warranties, and acceptable use. In the event of ambiguity of between website information and this document,this document,”Terms of Service”dictates.


1 Telnum.net is expected to provide its customers with network services and service numbers but not obligated to supply service numbers requested by customers.
It may also change the numbers supplied to the customer if it is required by regulations and suppose to notify customer on that matter  as soon as possible.
2 Telnum.net will make an effort to maintain equipment accordingly for handling and terminating calls.
3.Telnum.net should notify customers on timely basis on rates or terms of services changes.
4.Telnum.net should provide its customers with professional technical and sales support.


1.Customers should pre-pay the services.
2.Customers should make sure that they have all necessary approval for all Telnum.net services.The customers should be responsible for content, quality and delivery of the services offered and for insuring these services comply with the low. Tellnum.net can recover from the customer all fines, claims or administrative expenses from a breach of the low or best practice.
3.The customer shall ensure that services provided are not used for any unlawful purpose, including the transmission or offering of any information or services which are unlawful, abusive ,harmful,or infringe copyright, intellectual property rights,trademarks, or any other material that may cause offence in any way.
4.The customer shall cooperate with tellnum.net in relations to any complaints,enquiries or investigations regarding services offered by the customer.The customer shall bear in full any cost associated with such complaint.
5.The customer shall ensure that any third party using its facilities shal be bound by the terms of this agreement.
6. All notices,requests, or other communications should be in writing and addressed to the customer by email.

Refunds Policy


We are working closely to respond to any of our customers complaints and misunderstandings. We are letting our customers test the product prior to making a purchase. We are not responsible for the external setups and failures. Our customers are entitled to a 100% refund if they notify us about problem on our end on a timely manner.They should allow three days time for refund to be processed and sent to them. All the late  requests and customers related failures are not subject to a full refund. Each case will be reviewed separately and may be subject to a partial refund.The refund will be issued only to a person  or organization listed on the account.The refund will be made using the same method of payment that the customer used or by any other method (by the discretion of Telnum.net)
No credit allowance/refund will be issued for such activities as non-usage,interruption of services,hung calls,misdialed calls,or any other activity,which increases your call volume.

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